Maternity Pads for Women Super Absorption, Soft Disposable Pads for After-Delivery Incontinence, Pack of 10

Maternity Pads


Woo Woo Maternity Pads after Delivery for Women |Ultra-Absorbent XXXL Maternity Pad made for Heavy Flow, Postpartum Flow & Overnight flow | Box of 10 Pads
• Super-Soft: Woo Woo Maternity Pads are made with high-quality cotton & non-woven material. These maternity pads have a super-soft texture that provides maximum comfort & offers an irritation & rash-free experience.
Ultra-Absorbent: Woo Woo XXXL maternity pad for women have a super-absorbent core that can wick up to 500 ml of discharge. Woo Woo Maternity pads come with Long wings along with a String and are best for heavy flow, a stress-free experience and a good night’s rest.
• Extra Long and Leak-Proof: Woo Woo Maternity XXXL Pads are 480 mm in length with 160mm width wide back extensions that provide protection against leakage and staining with their quick-absorbing material that feels dry for a long duration.
Best For: Woo Woo Maternity Pad is specially designed for women with heavy bleeding, postpartum bleeding & overnight flow. They ensure that you always feel clean and dry down there, no matter how heavy your flow is.
Product details
Brand – Woo Woo
Style – Box of 10
Size – 480mm into 160 mm
Material – Cotton
Material Feature – post pregnancy bleeding
Net Quantity -10 count

Maternity pads are also called disposable pads which you receive in an out-of-hospital birth kit or at a hospital birth. The step-up quality of our maternity pads is longer and thicker than the typical heavy-flow pad which can get at your local drugstore.

Why Maternity Pads?
Post-delivery, your body eliminates blood and tissue from the uterus that was supporting the pregnancy. Maternity pads are designed to absorb a large amount of fluid and are more effective in absorbing postpartum bleeding than regular pads or tampons. They are larger & wider to prevent leaks & provide more coverage. This will keep you dry and reduce the risk of infections. Your vulva and anus can be tender and sensitive after childbirth, to address this maternity pads are made with softer & more comfortable material. As your body recovers after childbirth, maternity pads are an essential item to help you feel more comfortable & confident.


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