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  • Mother’s Woo Woo Baby Diaper/Nappy pads are made from finest raw material procured from around the world.
  • The core carries SAP (Super Absorbent Polymer) prevents bacterial growth and keeps the baby dry and super comfort.
  • Mother’s Woo Woo Baby Diapers carries ADL(Acquisition and Distribution Layer) it enhances the process of absorbent core and also reduces potential leakage.
  • Mother’s Woo Woo Baby Diapers has “WETNESS INDICATOR“, which helps to indicate for change of diaper thereby giving comfort to baby.
  • Mother’s Woo Woo Baby Diaper is a next generation diaper in T-shape offering, which is a perfect fit to an Indian Baby.
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  • Wash your hands before and after diapering.
  • Change Diaper after each bowel movement.
  • Never leave your baby unattended during diapering.
  • Wrap the used diaper and discard in dustbin. Do not flush it.

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